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Timakros Staff of Ember Time. Maxiox's Weapon.
Here's the Epic Artifact Weapon Staff of Maxiox the Jack of Embers. I hope you guys enjoy this good Artwork. More will come soon. Not just from my Originals but also Fanart as well.

This Artifact Weapon was created by the Time Alchemist himself Maxiox Jack of Embers. He once had a ForceBlade sword when he was once Emperor of Erona. After escaping from Death of Terrible Netherim Legion He and his people went to the west side of Erona into the Ember Oasis. There he spend much time and learn about using his Blade to master the powers of not only the Ember Magic but also Time itself in Alchemy. However the Blade was Destroyed by Malthisto and his brother and left Emperor for dead once and all until he was relieved by Emberstone from the very heart of his broken blade and he become the Robotic Time Alchemist that Lorderness Knows him today. His Weapon is created by works of Engineering parts, Blue Ember crystals, and what's left of his once blade. Rest of his weapon was completely broken.

Maxiox names his new weapon Timakros Staff of Ember Time. Which has the Ability to Teleport faster than the speed of light, Stops Time all around it in a Magic Force, Creates 8 Images of the Staff in Spears of EmberBolts, and can't be destroyed by a regular weapon. It can only be destroyed by a powerful ForceBlade Wielder or a Saberblade wielder. Overall Maxiox is one Enemy you might not want to fight against and Maxiox will stop at nothing to destroy Malthisto by going back in time and slice through his past self in the heart making Lorderness back the way it was.
Maxiox Jack of Embers
Here it guys. The Next Jack wizard of Erona. Jack of Embers. Like as with Malthisto there will probably be few recons here or there of the character's story. So I hope you Enjoy.

Maxiox: Jack of Embers: Arch Time Wizard: Leader of Vhzohvir Race of Ember fused Metal Alchemists.

Race: Human/Embermetal robot

Status: Alive/Enteral

Homeland: Erona

Allies/Leagues: Vhzohivr and Ferhozir races of Ember Wastes

Maxiox was once the High king of maintaining Peace and Balance throughout Magic Filled Continent of Erona. He was one of 12 Emperors of Ancient Kaladari wizard nation. However years have not been to kind to the Kingdom of Erona as Malthisto once Jack of Will became corrupted by other dark forces of power and started a Dark Rampage throughout Erona. Maxiox did Defeat Malthisto while a Human mortal but during the Reign of Darkness Maxiox was stabbed and almost killed if were not for Royalist Advisers and his wife and kids. He and surviving People of Light's Reach felt away from the burning city away from Dark horrors of Malthisto and started a new life from the other side of Erona.

Maxiox and his surviving people have found home within the Desert of Kharivos which would later be known as Ember Wastes. He build a Sandstone city and over time he made it his home for his beloved Kaladari humans. Maxiox and his Alchemists were working on finding some way to combat against the demonic legions of darker realms of the unknown and even Malthisto and other Prime Evil Wizards. During his Research out into the desert of healing the land he found some kind of Ember Blue fused Cube. It was the Cube of Ancient Kaladari Technology back in where Lorderness ancient times. He thought it was a Gift from the Ancient Titans to show his people that Erona is worth saving.

Many Years have pasted and while Kharivos Desert seems to be healing back into a Palm Tree Jungle Oasis Maxiox was learning and finding out about more of Cube. The Ember Cube gave Maxiox and his other Alchemists Time Magic which they would control the very time itself. Cube also slow down their ageing meaning that Maxiox and his people lived for a good long time. However Madness and despair would soon find Maxiox and his people for a terrible plague started to happen in Desert. It was no Disease plague it was a corrupted plague made by vale unknown tentacle Demons of Voidisin. These Demons would the very Cause of why the Dwemer disappeared a very long time ago because of their corrupted nature. The Disease would Transformed Ancient bloodline of Kaladari Humans into Mindless creatures of darkness. Maxiox needed to find a way to stop this Plague from happening in not just the Desert but also the Whole of Erona. He Feared of what would happen to his people and family if he failed so he had to go to Vault of Embers to make a weapon that would get rid of the Disease Plague and kill the Voidsin. He find a Ancient Titan Super Weapon that would wipe out any corrupted life Forms of the Planet. He succeeded in stopping the Plague but it didn't kill the Demons it only made them weak. Maxiox with his new founded power drive back the Voidisin from once they came. Little did he realize that this chain of Events was created by Dark returned Shadow name Malthisto and his Prime evil Brother to start attacking the lives of remaining Kaladari Survivors. When he returned to the city he saw his own wife and kids murdered by Two Prime Evils and Maxiox went berserk and almost killing off Malthisto if it wasn't for his Evil Brother to aid him in defending off Maxiox.

He lost everything from the Attack and Plague that destroy half of his people. In only few days they would return to finish them off once and for all. Maxiox with little choice had to use the Super Weapon from the Vaults to Destroy the corrupted Voidisin, Cultists, and even Demonic Demons that were summoned by the 2 Primes. He created mass chain of Arcane and Ember Energies throughout the Desert leaving it into the Barren sandy Wastes known as Ember Wastes. Maxiox and his surviving people become Ember Fused Humans and it was thanks to the Ember Cube for saving their lifes and souls from the impact of the blast. After about 3 years later Maxiox became insane and started to blame other Advisors and Alchemists for trying to steal his hardwork and invents. He exiled the ones who found out about Malthisto and sent them away into the Ember sands for good where they would be later known as the Ferhozir the Ember robotic people of the Desert.

Maxiox give everything to the Cube to Protect his people and Legacy of Erona. But half of it was without a price of Family and even his people. Maxiox and his Ember fused metal people became Vhzohivr the curse of Ember Alchemy. Maxiox would do everything his power to go back in Time and completely destroy Malthisto before all of the corrupted madness ever happened. But First he needed to find more Ember not just from Crystals or Materials but also from life of everything.

Maxiox the Jack of Embers would stop at nothing to go back in time and save his family and destroy the One Dark Prime Evil once and for all.
Malthisto Jack of Shadows.
This might be very a long section of the Story behind the Character i made.In Future i would recon/fix up the story but with that said enjoy.

Malthisto: Jack Of Shadows: Prime Dark Lord of the Demonic Guilds: Dark Guild Master of Valakalos: Dark Nightmare of Erona:

Race: Human/Demon

Status: Enteral

Homeland: Erona but also Oblivirim

League/allies: Oblivion legion, Netherim Legion, and Void Empire

Malthisto was once one of 12 Prime Kaladari Wizard Emperors of Erona. He like the others lead the continent well over the years but after wars with the Blacklic Empire of Siths During the First Civil War He find out that the siths were using not just dark side magic but also Fel, Void, and Crimson Magics from other unknown Planes of Existence. He soon found out about the very First ForceBlade Wars that took place after War of the Ancient Empires where almost Half of Hiedaroi and Kaladari people were wiped out just like Dwemer Dwarves that were wiped out many years ago. He along with other 3 Wizard Guardians become the 4 Prime Dark Masters of Erona with the Help of the Oblivion legion during the times of Chaoic Apocalypse. He destroy remains of Dwemer Empire, He wipe out Immanic Empire off the Face of Lorderness, and He even murdered his siblings his 3 brothers and sister leaving only 2 brothers and 1 sister remaining. However He was defeated by the hands of Heroes and his Older Brother and the Apocalypse Crisis was over. But unlike Oblivion Demons and Diadro Primes where they were sent back to their realm. Malthisto had crafted a Horcrux to stay alive forever to finish up what his goal is.

Malthisto would not be stopped to achieve his goal of being a powerful God like Diadro Primes and every other Powerful Celestial being in Universe. He will keep on feeling the powers of Forceblade until he unlocks the heart of Erona which was part of the World. He had to hide his castle from his Siblings and the Horcrux as well. While other 3 Prime Dark Masters were ether killed or jailed up Malthisto had to fake his death. He learned about the Spirit of a Demon Lord who was inside the Body of First Prime Guardian of Lorderness he used that idea on one of the Free Siths, Jedi Forceblade wielders and even his younger brother that were hunting him down. He told one of his trusted followers that if his spirit goes into one of Sith leaders he told them to find his body and hide it from Erona Emperors. His Plan was successful and His Spirit was in one of Sith Leaders. Realizing the Job was done His Followers Hide his body within the Tomb of Jack of Shadows where his Chaoic Followers will guard it for Enteral until he returns.

Return He did. Malthisto awake from the Tomb and told his Followers what really happened. He had another body but he was born as a sith. He converted many Sith Warlocks, Necromancers, and others who were in league with Netherim Legion and Oblivion to start a another Civil War. It was during the times of Second Civil War He lead the Sith legion against the Jedi and anyone who stand against him. He also wanted to unlock Valley of Darkspires where the 3 Slain Daibo lord but he was killed during the opening of the Valley as a Jedi Master killed him. He only saw Demonic Oblivion Guardians ripped the jedi warriors to shreds as he lay there dying. Malthisto was pointed by the Netherim Legion to prepare for another Demonic Invasion of Lorderness. He and his Follwers of Valakalos will.

Malthisto had aid by Remaining Sith Warlocks who knows who he really is and another dark followers of this new dark undead legion known as the Dreadnights. He may have had few problems dealing with Heroes who were hunting him down to stop him as well his younger brother once again. But After a year of preparing He and other Dark Warlocks opened up the Portal to the Nether where all the Demons came out during the Time of Reign of Darkness. Netherim Primes even allow him to Open up a another portal to Oblivirim and Diadro Primes were pleased with Malthisto's loyalty. Things were starting to get better as a another ForceBlade War again this time it was on Erona and He lead his demonic Armies against the Crusade Order. He even went so far as to kill his siblings again his Younger Sister which he stab and push her off the tower walls and he killed his older Brother. He Finally long last Control Erona with a Iron Fist along with the other 3 Prime Masters who were sent back from the dead and freed by Malthisto. Malthisto's Blade was already strong enough to destroy a entre country even wiping out a single army now Just like Demonic Prime Evils. But He soon realize that there was one key piece missing in order to unlock Titan's Hand within the Mount Kyrol. His younger brother. At first he wanted to hunt down his brother but the Prime Evils told him to Stay in Erona while they destroy the rest of the planet. So he and other Masters waited for months and years on end. But soon his reign will be over soon.

Because He find out that the Oblivion and Netherim Legion were defeat and killed by the survivors of Lorderness lead by Republic Alliance, Red Dominion, and the Crusade of Force wielders who survived and now turned their attention to Erona. Malthisto over the the last 50 years of ruling Erona didn't last a 200 years as he thought he were because the other 3 Prime Dark Masters they wanted what he wanted. Unlock the Door to Mount Kyrol and became powerful Celestial Gods themselves. Malthisto grows tried of betray and assaults from 3 Masters so Erona suffered a 10 year war of Chaos. But in the Malthisto won and force 3 Prime Masters who helped him over the years were sent back to whatever parts of Erona they came from. He will soon regret that plan as his Younger Brother lead the Armies of the Surviving 3 Ancient Races and Crusade of Magic attack and destroy his Armies and Followers. Malthisto ordered a retreat back to Blackhollow Hold to save what's left of his guild. As the Hour of justice comes to Malthisto he then realize that his Horcrux of a Crystal was destroyed and he felt for the first time ever drained and almost powerless. Even through He lost his Horcrux he would still have enough power to use his forceblade to kill his brother and get powers within Mount Kyrol. Sooner and later that plan failed. Malthisto Battled with his younger brother but at one point was killed and defeated at last at the hands of his Sibling who became Stronger over thousand Years. Malthisto lost everything. His Body was sent back to Tomb of Jack of Shadows where it would remain there for all time.

As for soul of Malthisto he was sent into Oblivirim and was punished by the Diadro Primes for failing them over years of planed Invasions of Lorderness failed and was jailed up for all enteral. Malthisto raged and angry let alone insane waited for one of jailers to come in and single handed kill one of the Jailers and suck up its life force and continue on with his rampage of getting enough of his powers back and even going so far to steal one of Diadro's Twin Blades. One of Diadro Primes was in a Hateful rage and Attacked Malthisto but after a long battle Malthisto stuck down one of Diadro Primes to heart as far as he can. Malthisto Battle Scared and arms covered with dark red scars yells within saying Its not my Fault you Hypocrite Primes Fail and fail again to take over Lorderness! In Fact i still think some of you were immortal Kaladari! But it doesn't matter i stuck down one of your Hypocrite Primes who failed to realize that you had one of most powerful immortals of Lorderness to be Jailed up for stupid reasons! No I will not allow any more corrupt rules to stop me on my Quest for Power! I will find Titan's Hand and unlock the Hidden Titan Powers within Erona with or without you Hypocrites! Diadro Primes at first were scared about what happened to their brother but they realize that Malthisto is far belong any failings of Mortals. He become a powerful being over the years that he even knows how to kill a God and Celestial for that matter.

So the Diadro Primes gave Malthisto a another chance of being sent back to Lorderness but this time to prepare for their coming and only their coming of Darkness on Lorderness. Malthisto was Happy to be back on Lordeness but he had one goal in mind. So he play it off long enough to please them until he too can become a Diadro some time in the Future.

Malthisto now awaken from his Tomb had indeed lost almost all of his powers and Artifacts he once had so he spent many years finding his Artifacts and getting his power back fully. Meanwhile he even found his Guild Again waiting for his return and orders. So He finally return to Valakalos and slowly build a army in shadows waiting for the right time to strike back once again in Erona's next new Generation of Heroes......
Ashakai Blade of Enteral Chaos. Malthisto's Weapon
Ashakai Blade of Enteral Chaos was Forged and created by Daedio lord within the dark realm of Oblivionrim to offer a Gift to the Dark Wizard Name Malthisto. Jack of Darkness used this Dark Ancient Artifact to Destroy everything in his path of Dark Hate Filled Rage Across the Lands of Erona. Malthisto learned about little history of this dark sword when this Blade was fueled with Dark Void energies, along with Red mists, and Dark Fel magic. The Blade would not only kill its Victim but also keep their souls as well. Meaning that Ashakai was used during the Great Nephalem War long ago in Lordeness and the Great Enteral Celestial War from the 4 realms within the Astral Cosmos. However time and time again when Malthisto was ether killed or banish from Lordeness by the Heroes of Erona. His Blade was Shattered within the mortal realm and was sent off into the Sealed Vaults where the Shards of Ashakai would remain lost forever. But however Shards of Ashakai Blade of Enteral Chaos will soon belong to Malthisto the Jack of Darkness once again since he now walks within Lordeness once more...
Malthisto Jack of Shadows: Dark Prime Evil
This is one of my Early Creations of the Evil Character Malthisto. Plus i even used this picture as a Profile Icon as well. I had to recon few things about the Character's lore and backstory. If you want to read the rest go to other picture Jack of Shadows where i will continue more of the character's lore, the influnce he had made within the imaginably world of Lordeness. With that say Enjoy the picture. XD


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